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Once again W2BU is on my radar. After missing last year (2016), I am eager to once again get my fill of the sand, the sun, the ultimate… and watching out for the tram cars. The last time I posted about W2BU, I talked about sand socks, sun shelters and my first year’s impressions and general experience. For this entry, I think I am going to talk a little about the evolution my team’s themes and names.

This year will be my sixth year attending the tournament; I played two years with the SC until the team got too large and I broke off with some members to make a separate UK-US team named “Gold Thumber” (2013), the I.T[ea] Crowd (2014) and then “Big Summer Layout” (2015).  Our “Gold Thumber” team was a play on 007 and a throw in ultimate, which was picked partly because of the fact we would have half of the team made up of British players. The “I Tea Crowd” was based on one of my favorite British comedy’s IT Crowd and the fact that our team has extensive discussions about teas and tea mugs.  For the last two years, the theme “Big Summer Layout” was a mashup of Frozen’s character Oaken and his line, “Yoo Hoo, Big Summer Blowout” and laying out for the disc. We all liked the movie and had a Frozen soundtrack sign along to and from Wildwood in 2014, so it was sort of inevitable.

GoldThumber_Photo_Shoot_07072013_14 2014 I-Tea Crowd

2015 Big Summer Layout White BigSummerDarkJersey

Funny team name mashups are one of things you will find a lot of at W2BU. A portion of them will be sexual in nature, but the clever ones (the ones I enjoy) usually have a pop culture references. Sometimes teams will throw in ultimate terminology, too.