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Inspiration for Our Wedding Disc:

From when I proposed to my long-time girlfriend back in November of 2014 until our wedding day this past June, she and I created and then worked through our wedding to-do list. One of the items on the list that we needed to complete was to decide what kind of wedding favor we should give our guests. Since we met playing ultimate in college, made a number of life-long friends through the sport and even planned on having a fellow ultimate player marry us, it only made sense that the favor be ultimate related.

Jen and I have always liked Norman Rockwell’s painting “Boy and Girl Gazing at Moon (Puppy Love).” We have a few different versions of the print, including a Star Wars inspired mashup by James Hance titled “Little Rebels.” So, we wanted to do something similar. We originally thought about taking a photo of the two of us posing in our ultimate gear, and then using it as an engagement notice; however, after some thought and a conversation with one of my groomsmen, Lee Cutrone (who is an amazing graphic designer and illustrator), we decided to create a disc design inspired by Rockwell’s painting. Lee said that he would love to make the design for the disc, and within no time he had a rough sketch for us to look at. Of course we both loved it and told him to move on to the next stage. To do this he asked us to snap a couple photos for proportions and he would do the rest. After a few weeks of work, this was his amazing final product!


Boy and Girl Being Ultimate by Lee John Cutrone

For the disc, Lee suggested that we go with the center printed, “super color” option from Discraft. This allowed us to have a full color print on the disc. Once everything was agreed upon we had to wait… and keep it a secret from everyone… for months.

Unboxing our Wedding discs before the wedding.

Unboxing our custom discs before the wedding.

Finally the package arrived! Because we loved how everything came out, we decided to forgo a typical wedding signature book for a matted and framed 11 x 14 print of Lee’s work for everyone to leave wedding messages on. The Wednesday before the wedding we dropped off the discs and framed print with the rest of the items at our wedding venue, Westbury Manor. One of the other fun items was a mini KanJam that Jen made out of poster board to collect wedding cards.

Framed Print and Thank you KanJam

Framed Print and Thank you KanJam

The disc was a huge hit with our guests, and it wasn’t long before discs were being thrown around the outside areas of Westbury Manor.

Once I have some more photos from our wedding, I will post them here.

More About the Graphic Artist:

Check out some of Lee Cutrone’s other amazing work on his Behance page or the Southpaw Studios website or Facebook page, which is “is an independent publisher of comic books, consisting of artist Lee John Cutrone and writer Michael Gallinari.” Cutrone and Gallinari have published a number of graphic novels/comics, which you should check out if you like comics.

As always thanks for reading!