Book Reviews

I have a graduate degree in Library Science and I play Ultimate, so I thought I’d bring the two worlds together here on my blog.  So far they seem to be getting along well in the form of Book Reviews.

Each post, under the category of Book Reviews, is broken down into four parts: a Description (annotation), Discussion (its relation/ contribution to disc sports), Critical Review (writing style/ presentation) and Readers Advisory. Throughout each entry, links are provided so you can find the books for purchase and learn some additional information from official websites promoting the book (if they are available).

This page is regularly updated (as I come across published works), so that when you come visit my blog looking for books on Disc Sports, you’ll find all my reviews and upcoming reviews in one place — my own Disc Sports Digital Library. I am building it, so they will come… I hope.

Here is a list of titles on disc sports, coaching and related topics reviewed and to be reviewed sorted by title:

Born to Run by mcdougall
Call of the Cowboy by Bruins and Leung
Complete Book of Frisbee by Malafronte
Essential Ultimate by Baccarini and Booth
Frisbee by Johnson
Frisbee by the Masters by Tips
Frisbee Fun by Schumacher (Poynter?)
Fundamentals of Ultimate by Studarus
Legend of the Cowboy Ninja Bear by Bruins and Leung
Let’s Look at the Frisbee by Royston
Sick of Nature by Gessner
Spinning Flight by Lorenz
Ultimate Frisbee: History – Present – Future by Bahl
Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession and My Wild Youth by Gessner
Ultimate Outsider by Rummelhart
Ultimate Techniques and Tactics by Parinella
Ultimate the First Four Decades by Leonardo
Ultimate the Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man by Leonardo
Way of the Ninja by Bruins and Leung
Wham-O Frisbee Golf by Sach
Wham-O Super Book by Walsh
Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Handbook By Sach
Zen and the Art of Disc Golf  by McCormick

You can also check these books out on my GoodReads List (which used to be a Shelfari page, but Amazon decommissioned the service after merging it with GoodReads in 2016).


2 thoughts on “Book Reviews”

  1. Just to let you know, I found Ultimate Techniques and Tactics on for a very nice price. Keep up the blogging!

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