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The Game:

The NY Empire came out on top against the DC Breeze this past Sunday (6/21/15) at Floyd Bennett Field / Aviator Park, bringing their record to 8 and 3. The wind contributed to a number of first quarter unforced turnovers by both teams, but by the half the Empire found its rhythm and began to steadily grow its lead. This win keeps them in second place in the AUDL East, trailing the Toronto Rush who will most likely take the number one seed. The Empire has three games of the regular season left to play, two against the Philadelphia Phenix (6/28/15 & 7/18/15) and one against the Rochester Dragons. Visit the NY Empire’s Facebook page for more information about their upcoming games.

A New GIF with Some New Elements:

I decided to make a GIF out of the series of photos I captured of Matt Baum’s sideline layout during the game. My angle and timing of the shot weren’t perfect (aVoceBehindtheLens got a better one), which meant that the big layout shot wasn’t quiet stand-alone worthy, so I decided it would make a better series of photos. To add some new elements, I played with frame rate, layers and cropping. For My First GIF, I used 9 frames to make the series, so with fewer shots to work with this time (only 5) I slowed down each frame (.6 – .7 seconds rather than .3). I also added a Black and White layer in Photoshop and then erased sections of it exposing the green on Matt’s cleats, parts of the NY Empire logo, and the red and blue in the AUDL logo on the right sleeve. Lastly, I tightened up the shot by cropping right in on the main subject.


Matt Baum makes a diving catch near the sideline

Other Images:

Here are a few other shots from the game that I took with my Nikon D300s, using my Sigma 70-200 f2.8.


DC Breeze’s Brad Scott makes the catch after a close attempt by NY Empire’s Kamil Skwarek


DC Breeze’s Jarnail Bajwa makes the catch closely marked by NY Empire’s Ian Guerin

Sam Taylor with the Disc

NY Empire’s Sam Taylor looks for the continuation pass

Empire's Ian Guerin marks Breeze's Jarnail Bajwa

NY Empire’s Ian Guerin marks DC Breeze’s Jarnail Bajwa

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