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Starting next week, I will be an official High School Ultimate coach.

It began over the summer when I was asked if I would be interested in coaching an Ultimate Frisbee club team. I had already mentioned in passing to the head of the athletic department that I would definitely love to start a club team, so when this formal opportunity presented itself I said I would be on board. The Long Island school where I work has never had an Ultimate program, so I am building this from the ground up. To keep the school’s investment in the program down, I told them I would provide the discs, cones and possibly even pinnies.  The school is providing field space three days a week (MWF) and some financial support for transportation to a game or two this fall. I know of another team just down the road from us; it is coached by a close friend of mine, so we will schedule at least two games (one home, one away) this fall. I do not want to rush into it at least for a few weeks until I am sure of my numbers and the students’ abilities, but I do think they could gain something from a little competition.

Wednesday will be my first after school practice. I plan on using it to get a formal roster, go over my goals and theirs, and start to teach throwing and catching skills. I will probably also play a game of hot box or half-court Ultimate to assess overall skills and have a little fun.

Wish me luck!