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This past weekend, May 20th, aVoceBehindtheLens (AKA Jen) and I set out for the South Fork of Long Island  for a jam-packed mini-vacation that included hanging out with a college friend (Hi Loddy!), attending a wedding (Congratulations Jess and Mike!) and cheering on some of the guys we toss disc with around Long Island (Eric, Bill, Keith, Flex) and the New England area (Lou and Beaf).

The EVENT was the East Hampton Grand Masters, a two day, 40+ open tournament, which draws competitors from Brooklyn, Connecticut, Philly, New York, Baltimore and Canada (yep, I grouped towns, counties, states, and countries in the same list). From what we heard from our friends competing and learned from the information online (also check out MCDUL), it is a well run, enjoyable tournament. The competition was challenging and the Saturday night party (at the Beach and camping) was a blast. Not to mention the food and hospitality! I wish that I was forty to partake in the good times!

Jen and I had pick-up in Sea Cliff  Saturday morning, so we didn’t leave for the South Fork until late afternoon, which meant we missed day one. We did get there bright and early on Sunday to catch the first two rounds of action before having to head to the wedding. While we were there we saw some great competition, said hi to our friends and met Sas, the TD.

This was the second event with me behind the camera (the Constitution game was the first) and under the tutelage of aVoceBehindtheLens. I already have lens and body envy, so buying a 70-200 F2.8 will hopefully happen sometime this summer. The camera body I currently have is a Nikon D60, so don’t expect any pro shots, but do expect some fun ones!

Thanks for reading and for supporting Ultimate!