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A New Jersey:

I recently celebrated my birthday and received a very cool present from my girlfriend: a limited edition VC Ultimate Jersey. I’ve mentioned VC Ultimate’s fully sublimated jerseys in past posts, but now I have one of my very own. The one I received as a gift was the “Ninja, Cowboy, Bear” jersey designed by Hilary Leung. It’s awesome!

Designer Info:

Hilary Leung is an Ultimate player, illustrator and coauthor of the children’s book series, Ninja, Cowboy, Bear (yes, I will probably be reviewing these books in the future). The book series was inspired by the Ninja, Cowboy, Bear game, which is very popular among Ultimate players. VC Ultimate says, Leung “is one of VC’s oldest and favorite customers, designers and friends”. He also has a blog that you can check out where he discusses his work.

The Game:


Now, if you are an Ultimate Frisbee player, you should know the game; however, if you happened upon this blog post — thanks for visiting by the way — and/or do not know the game, let me explain. It’s similar to the game of “Rock, Scissors, Paper” in which you choose one of the three options to beat your opponent, in this case a Ninja, Cowboy or Bear. However, rather than standing face to face saying, “1… 2… 3… shoot”, you stand back to back, take three paces and then turn 180 degrees facing your adversary while acting out your choice of character.

Here is how things break down:

NINJA! … Waaaa!

Ninja beats Cowboy!

COWBOY!…pew pew pew!

Cowboy beats Bear!

BEAR!… Rawr!

Bear beats Ninja!

A big thanks to aVoceBehindtheLens for supplying me with images for this post.

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