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Great Holiday Gifts

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching, so it is time to think about that special Ultimate player in your life and how you are going to help feed their disc-related obsession. Is she a hard-core college champion or a weekend pick-up player? Did he just start tossing a disc or has he been coaching for years? I’ve searched a number of sites to bring you a list of ideas for the lover of all things 175 grams.


 Armbands – I’m partial to the Lookfly Full Gear Long Wristbands. The reason for this is that they protect more of the wrist when catching pancakes (not flapjacks). I received these for Christmas and wear them at just about every practice and game. However, if you know that your gift recipient likes Daredevil Discs or VC Ultimate, they have armbands, too.

Gloves – Again I suggest Lookfly’s Ultimate Glove partially because it is an Ultimate company, but also because Lookfly designed the semi-fingerless glove with the flick throw in mind. During the cooler months of play you will see more gloves on the field. Some players will wear only one glove, others two. They range from bike gloves to football receiver gloves to even lightweight winter gloves. However, I will caution that buying gloves for an Ultimate player might insult them. Some purists will never were gloves, so be warned.

Hats – A trucker hat is usually a winner for the younger players (teens to mid/late twenties). Usually you’ll see visors on the slightly older players, and by “older” I mean mid thirties. You can find a great selection of both on Five Ultimate, VC Ultimate, Savage Ultimate and Lookfly. If I had to choose, though, I might go with a VC Coolmax Hat, it is made out of fast-wicking fabric and has a cool logo. As Leonardo points out in his book, “You probably want to feel confident, clever, and ready to sky someone. The right clothing choices can help” (p. 31).

Hoodies – Hands down I would had to go with Five Ultimate’s Sidezip Hoodie. A friend and teammate of mine has one; it is extremely comfy and has thumb holes. Yeah, you heard right, thumb holes! How can you beat that?! You can’t…that’s right! Oh, and to top it all off it isn’t down with the man’s asymmetrical-zipper world, hence the name, SIDE-ZIP. Counterculture still lives at Five Ultimate. All right, that was a little much… sorry. I just really like it, okay (mumble, mumble).

Jerseys – Now this is a hard one. Ultimate is starting to get big, but I haven’t seen a lot of players go out and buy their favorite team’s jersey. That said there are still some great jerseys out there. Five Ultimate has the USA Replica Gear. So if you have a patriotic player in mind, go there. Now, VC Ultimate on the other hand has a limited edition Ninja Cowboy Bear sublimated jersey. This thing is sweet! It does cost a bit of bank, but I know I’m a fan. Savage Ultimate is also in the mix with some jerseys sporting their logo. The one I like the most is the Tribal Yeti.

Shorts – I am going to have to go with Five Ultimate’s Hydro Shorts. These things are so comfortable and lightweight and stretchy and awesome! Any Ultimate player would love to get a pair of these. Remember the crazier the color or pattern the better, well, in most cases. Though, I have to say, personally, I am not a fan of their Stars and Stripes.

Socks – There are performance sock options out there, but then again this is Ultimate. Three words: KNEE… HIGH… SOCKS. And these are not just for the ladies. Some guys can pull them off, too. Here is an idea of the types I’m talking about from World Wide Sports Supply. I haven’t order from this company myself, but they do have Red Lion socks, which I have purchased and received as a gift. As with shorts, crazier the better.

Tees – Just about every company I’ve mentioned (BreakMark, LookFly, Savage) all make some great disc-themed shirts. Here are my personal favorites: Little Miss Read, Astro Shortsleeve and Eat, Sleep, Layout. Some lesser known entities like Zazzle, Ultimate T-Shirts, One Seven Five and FlatBall Gear have some disc-related shirts, too, so check them out.


Bags – If you know someone that is a captain or coaches a team then buying them something to store all of their gear is a great idea. Plus, you could throw in some discs, cones and other surprise goodies to help them run their club or team. Five Ultimate has a sturdy coach’s bag and Lookfly has a decent bag for the player heading to an overnight tournament.

Kan Jam – This is a fun backyard or beach game for everyone. This game has really taken the US by storm and can be found in most sports stores. I’ve played it at an academic enrichment summer program with middle schoolers, at a Beer Festival on the North Fork of Long Island and multiple times at the beach. So, basically this is a gift for anyone at any level. I’ve given this gift twice already, and will probably do it again.

Discs – Depending on what sports your disc enthusiast is into, you have a lot of options for quality plastic. If they play Ultimate, then buying a Discraft disc is the top choice (though, Daredevil and Wham-O make discs, too). I am a bit of a disc snob, so I will mainly have Ultrastars in my bag. If they like disc golf, Innova is one of the top companies (again, Wham-O makes a popular disc, too). If you are looking for a way to help them continue the fun into the late hours of the night, then buying an LED disc from FlashFlight and Black Jax Sports is a great gift idea.

Disc Golf Basket – If you want to go a little over-the-top you could always help your special someone start their very own course with one of these disc golf baskets.

Mini Disc Golf Basket Set – I saw this Wham-O Mini Frisbee Golf Set on Amazon when I was searching for books on disc sports. It is on my list of things I have to splurge on some day.


Apps (Ultimate) – There are a number of apps, but I liked these the best Championship Ultimate (Youtube video), Ultimate Tool box, UltiStatsUltimate Frisbee Coach’s Clipboard, Ultimate Frisbee Coach, and the Ultimate Frisbee Playbook App.  For more information, David Averbach reviews two of these apps.

Apps (Disc Golf) – And for those of you who have Disc Golfers on your list here are a few apps for you. All of these are score reporters with some twists. Disc Golf – PDGA, (official PDGA app that keeps score and connects to the PDGA ), Disc Golf Tracker (keeps score and you can add pictures of your friends) and

Books – For the high school coach, I would suggest getting Essential Ultimate it is a great tool. For anyone who likes a good laugh and plays Ultimate get, Ultimate the Greatest Sport Invented by Man. Check out my list of books I’ve reviewed for addition ideas.

Films – You can always find a huge selection of films at UltiVilliage.

Let me know what everybody thinks. And send me pics if you buy any of these gifts!

Happy Holidays!