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This past Thursday at the weekly night pick-up game at Newbridge Park, I had the crew of regulars try out a few products I picked up to illuminate the darkness. The items we tested included: the Odyssey LED Disc (Black Jax Sports), TerraPOD wrist light (Black Jax), Tasklit head lamp (Nite Ize) and SlapLit (Nite Ize). I got a lot of great feedback and will be purchasing enough LED items to have a 7v7 game very soon.

Here’s what the crew had to say:

Odyssey Disc (Black Jax)
Accolades: Everyone liked the green color choice; they also commented that the four LED lights were really bright.  At 185 grams, the Odyssey is a little heavier than a standard Ultimate disc (175g), but because it was windy, the extra weight actually helped. One player stated: “Disc felt good” and another said, “I loved the disc”.
Critiques and other observations: This is more of a personal “feel” comment, but the Odyssey has a deeper lip and comes to more of a point at the rim than the disc made by FlashFlight. The light-up button takes a bit of force to engage, but this can be a good thing because it will be less likely to disengage when handled. For example the first Flashflight model disc used a rotating dial that was easily turned off when caught or when it struck the ground. They did fix this issue in their later models, though.

TerraPOD(Black Jax)
Accolades: Everyone liked the TerraPOD‘s fun colors: blue, red and green (white is not offered).
Critiques and other observations: The TerraPOD has a short wrist strap, so placing this in another location isn’t really an option. One player said, ” the wrist lights were cool in theory, but I’d be hesitant to wear anything that might chafe/scratch/cut me should I have to lay out.” A few players did comment on the abrasiveness of the wrist strap. To turn on the light you had to remove the LED unit from it housing, which could wear-out if taken in and out regularly.

Tasklit (Nite Ize)
Accolades : Here are a few comments from players about the TaskLit: one said, “headlights are fun”, another commented,  “I thought the head-lights were going to be an issue, but I forgot I even had it on. It fit well and the light wasn’t noticeable.” Three players compared the two light options one said, ” I tried out both the head light and the wrist light. In both cases, once I got going I really didn’t notice that I had them on”, a second said, “… preferred the headlights to the wristlets and slap bracelet b/c those moved around & chafed a bit,” and another said “…the headlights were more noticeable & you could wrap them & wear on your arm as an option”. The straps were fairly adjustable. A player commented on this by saying,  “the head lamp was comfortable, but I was also wearing a giant fuzzy headband to keep my ears warm, so my opinion is a bit off.” I was impressed by the fact that this product also came with a set of extra batteries.
Critiques: Barely any players commented negatively about the product. One did express concern about the strap wicking sweat, which if you had to share with someone, might make it a little uncomfortable.

SlapLit (Nite Ize)
Accolades: The SlapLit is very bright and works just like it is advertised. Just about everyone said that this was fun concept and they enjoyed the novelty.
Critiques: The main critique was that it slid around the arm a lot. This could be due to the fact that most of us were wearing sports jerseys made of synthetic material. On a sweatshirt or cotton shirt you may not experience it as much.

Cones: I am still looking into getting a product we can use to light up the cones. One idea I had was buying LED bracelets and slipping them on over the top of our field cones. One option is this LED Bracelet found on the ReveStuff website.

I want to thank everyone who offered their opinions at the field and online! And thank you Jen for the product photos!