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I have played a fair amount of night disc over the years, but one of my most memorable times was in Sweden with the Danish team, Flying Circus. During the yearly “Circus Camp”, the team captains arranged a late night Ultimate session and surprised us all with a full a set of light-up Ultimate equipment. They had LED lights marking the end zones and field, two full team sets of LED head lights (one red set, one white set), and a few FlashFlight discs. Prior to this night, I had played using glow stick bracelets or necklaces and a FlashFlight disc, but thought that the LED options work out much better.

Since that night I have thought about putting together a more permanent kit. I was compelled recently to actually do it. So this is my self-imposed challenge: Find the best products at the most competitive prices and put together a complete night Ultimate kit!


Black Jax sports – Originally the company began in 1999 selling Orby Mothership LED Discs. It is stated on their website that they “enjoyed some brief success, but then some people came along who decided knocking off our idea was the cool thing to do. They started making their own inferior version of our products with cheap fiber optic components…sadly, many of which you still see in stores today. So, we took a break.” They returned in 2002 introducing the Odyssey LED Disc and other LED products to challenge their rivals in the LED Disc market.

Products I will be testing:

FlashFlight – Co-Founded in 2002 by Jeff Scott and Jerry Moore, PlayHard Inc. produces the original FlashFlight, FlashFlight Jr., FlashFlight Mini, Hole-in-One and other LED products (“FlashFlight”, Wikipedia). After achieving a fair amount of success, “Jeff and Jerry opted to partner with another Colorado company, Nite Ize Inc. Nite Ize immediately began manufacturing and distributing the FlashFlight while Jeff and Jerry went back to the drawing board with several new ideas. At last count, Playhard and Nite Ize had 38 products available in 35 countries”.

Products I will be testing:

Nite Ize – Started in 1989 by Rick Case, “Nite Ize has grown from one bright idea into a company that makes and sells a wide variety of accessories, tools, and devices. Every product they offer is designed with creative innovation for superior functionality, manufactured with top-of-the-line materials for optimum durability, and here to make your life easier, safer, and a little more fun—day and night” (“About Us”, Nite Ize).

Products I will be testing:

I have researched and contacted FlashFlight and Black Jax Sports to see what they could do to help me put together a 7 v 7 package deal. So, far they have both offered me discounts off of the overall purchase, so I thought I’d order a few sample items to see which I like the best. Once they arrive, I will bring them out to the field to see what the team thinks, and then I’ll post here my reviews and what I end up going with.

I am still trying to figure out cones and possible field marking. So far LED glow bracelets from RaveStuff is one of my few solutions. I was thinking I could slide the bracelets over the tops of the cones I already use for marking the field. I have found some work cones with lights, but they are way too large and vary expensive.

Some other Resources for Night time Disc Fun:

Wisemen Trading Supply

Wenzel LED Torchlight Pole


Ultimate Disc Store

Thanks for reading, and watch for the reviews!