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Because I like to really immerse myself in my research, I had to go tear my MCL, so I could really write about.

So what happened…

For those of you who read my last post, you will know that  in September I got my Ultimate on at  the Zodiac tournament on team Capricorn. Sadly, in the final game of the tournament that Sunday I stepped the wrong way and went down shouting naughty expletives. Yes, I’m going to H…E… double hockey sticks. After being carried off the field, I was briefly checked out on the sidelines by a fellow competitor and physical therapist. She did a quick stress test on my knee and said that there was a lot of give to it. Then she gave me a worst case scenario: “You may have torn your ACL”. This sent me into a tailspin of horror.  When will I be able to play again? What kind of surgery will I have to go through? Will I have a cool scar that the chicks will dig? Where’s Pat Morita so he can do his Mr. Miyagi! I am Daniel Son!

I eventually came back to earth and watched team Capricorn fight it out to the very end. Sadly, we didn’t come away with the glory, but it did make us hunger for next year. I will be going back!

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One good thing that came out of the injury is that I didn’t have to take my turn at the wheel on the drive home.

The following morning I ended up seeing an Orthopedic specialist who diagnosed it as a Grade II MCL tear. The medial collateral ligament (MCL) helps to stabilize the knee joint and mine was a little shot, so definitely no Ultimate for a couple months and I would have to undergo some physical therapy. The Orthopedic specialist recommended Greco Physical Therapy and Sports Performance which is in my area. I have nothing but great things to say about the one-on-one sessions and awesome staff. If you are on Long Island near these guys and you need to get therapy, check them out.

I am bummed that I will not be playing in the upcoming Hell O’ween or any other tournaments for awhile, but I am going to take my time and make sure I am fully healed. Hopefully I will be in good enough shape for First Nights of Flight.