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Getting Up for the Disc

This past Saturday was week one of the UltiNY Spring Club League. The League is organized by Ultimate Rec which offers Soccer, Ultimate, Softball, Flag Football, Karaoke and Triva leagues.  Most of the leagues run year round including UltiNY, which has Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons.

The Ultimate league is played on Randall’s Island.

The weather this weekend was amazing for Ultimate; I even got a little sunburned. I hope that the following week will be just as nice!

Something New: Calling Offense and Defense Lines

The SuperCocks (SC) have been using sub pools in previous tournaments to get the most playing time for each player on our deep roster. It also allowed our captains to group players of similar skill level and position together to insure that at any moment we would have enough handlers, cutters and deeps on the field. This meant that we didn’t necessarily have all of our top players out at one time.

However, in this league our captains, Michaelangelo and Keira, decided to try something new, calling Offensive and Defensive lines. They asked if I would collaborate with them on the line changes during the game. I’ve only played on one other team that used an O line and a D line, so it was a bit new for me to be in charge of. It’s something I’m still learning and I hope I get better at it over time.

My goal for the coming weeks is to read up on coaching strategy related to developing “O” and “D” lines, as well as cultivating an effective subbing philosophy.  I found a few things so far including a Blog post by “Ultimate Strategy and Coaching” that briefly discusses the elements of a strong offensive line – 2 strong handlers, 2 short cutters, 1 deep threat and 2 players to fill in where needed. I am still on the look out, and will add more information as it comes up.

Anyway here is a quick recap of how the SC faired. If you want to see how the other teams did,  here is the link to the current standings of all the club teams in the league. And for some tips about shooting the first week of UltiNY Club League, check out “On the Island“, a post by aVoceBehindtheLens.

GAME 1 : Nightmare Pheasants (13) vs SC (6)

 Game 1 - SC (Blue) vs Nightmare (White)

Game 1

In Game One we played Nightmare Pheasants. At the start of the game we traded points, but then Nightmare pulled away to take the half. We talked up our little victories on the sidelines (not getting stalled, making smart passes) and prepared to make up some ground after the half.

When we took the field, we had moments of great flow. We were making good passes to advance the disc up the field, but couldn’t connect when we got up to the endzone.  We also made a couple unforced errors, which Nightmare was able to turn into points.

The SC team has varied skill levels and a number of us haven’t played together before, so it was to be expected that we wouldn’t come out on top right out of the gate, but there is potential still for the team to develop as the weeks continue. Overall, it was a good game with great competitors and a lot of fun.

SC Game Stats:

Here is a quick rundown of how we stacked up.

Adam lets a backhand Fly!

Keira – 1
James – 1
Scott – 2
Danny – 1
Bing – 1

Liz – 1
Danny – 1
Chris O. – 3
Scott – 1

D Blocks (I know that I missed a few during the game):
Meredith – 1
Adam – 1

Hold the Force

GAME 2 : Double Agents (13) vs SC (6)

In our second game we face the Double Agents. They came out with a zone D, which we weren’t expecting. They marked well and forced our non-handlers to turn over the disc. However, we adjusted to setting a horizontal stack with poppers and wings, which started to find holes in the cup. Again we weren’t able to take the half.

During the break, our captains recapped what had worked for us and what we needed to avoid in the second half. Time cuts; don’t clog; look for the dumps… all solid fundamentals, which we needed to work on.  We also made some adjustments to the lines we were putting on the field to see who worked well together; who played better D or O.

Sadly, after the half we were only able to put two more points on the board, but it wasn’t because we were completely shut down. We had some opportunities to score, but either bobbled the disc or put it just out of reach of our receivers.  Both teams actually experienced some long hucks that went unrewarded because they were overthrown or dropped.

SC Games Stats

Liz – 2
Chris O. – 1
Juan – 2
Wall – 1

James – 2
Scott – 2
Danny – 1
Adam – 1

D Blocks (I may have missed a few during the game):
Scott – 5
Keira – 3
Liz – 1


After league play concluded for the day, WUDi and BENT offered a free Women’s Clinic to any interested female players. Being a guy I couldn’t participate, but a few of my teammates did; so, I asked one to be a guest contributor to offer a recap of what happened. Check out her post here.

Good Game!