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Huck All Night … that’s what I plan to do!

POSTED on his WordPress blog, Lou writes, “the goal of the tournament ‘Huck all night…Sleep all day’ is to provide a fun and spirited event while fighting the urge to sleep”. That pretty much sums up what is coming up on 11 March 2011. Four friends (Keira, Juan, Jen, Adam) and myself will be heading to Hamden, CT and the CFC Arena to take part in this event. I am really excited to get to go to another hat tournament. It is going to be a butt kicker, but a great way to get in shape for April. Again, like FNoF, it is an overnight, no-sleep-for-the-wicked format. The tournament kicks off at 11PM and goes till 7AM. I plan on bringing water, a couple bottles of Gatorade, some fruit and energy bars. I will also be wearing my Under Armour, no turf burn for me this time. They aren’t selling discs for the event, but they do have a cool design for a jersey, so I might have to order one as a memento.

HUC Indoor 2011

SADLY, I haven’t been playing too much since FNoF 2011, so I am fairly out of shape. I went to a couple outdoor practices (two) and one indoor last night (24 Feb.). The outdoor practice was difficult due to the wind and the cold, but still a good time. Not many of the SC made it out, but Adam and Keira were both there. We ended up playing a little 3 v 3, which meant that everyone had to keep moving.

Jen passes up the line at HUC indoor

THE indoor, hosted by Huntington Ultimate Club (HUC) wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t get that much playing time. I also don’t normally play with any of the regulars, so my cuts were not in sync with the other players and when I faked and then made my intended cut I would see the throw go floating away to the side that a faked to, making me a little frustrated. I guess it wasn’t too bad as far as training goes because I did run laps around the track between games, and was able to toss on the sidelines. I might do it again, but since the outdoor season is practically here I think I’ll wait till I’m out on the grass.

JEN had a great night handling the disc. When she wasn’t behind the camera she was making smart cuts and crisp passes. Keira and Juan were also there doing there thing to get open and make some great passes. Thanks HUC!

We’ll see how things go net week; I am going to try to run a little and get in some exercise. During the winter I am always so lazy.

Thanks for reading!