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I’ve registered early online in the hopes of paying $1 for the Hat, bought my plane tickets through Jet Blue and am adjusting my sleep schedule in preparation for First Nights of Flight 2011. OK, maybe I’m not quite adjusting my sleep regiment…just yet.

This will be the first time I get to attend First Nights of Flight (FNoF), but the team I play with, the SuperCocks, have gone previous years and enjoyed it a lot. I’ve heard that it is a great event, but very exhausting, especially playing in the Team and Hat Tournaments. Of course I signed up for both to experience all the fun!

So, what’s First Nights of Flight all about?

Image found on the FNoF Facebook page.

The tournament will be held 7 – 8 January 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA at the RMU Island Sports Complex.  The tournament, or rather tournaments, have been around since I believe 2004 (thanks Darren for the info!), so it is coming into its 8th year. Each year it attracts players from all over the States and even some from around the world. The team tournament, held on the 7th, uses a mixed format (2-3 or 1-4) and a shorter stall count starting at 4 going to 10. Each team will get six games that first night/morning. For those brave souls that can’t get enough Ultimate, the Hat tournament is on day two, giving competitors an opportunity to mix it up. As a special gift, Hat tournament competitors get an exclusive tournament disc included in the entrance fee. What makes this event a bit unique, besides claiming to be one of the first tournaments of the 2011 year and that it is two tournaments in one (all pretty cool and unique in its own right), is that the games start at 8PM and go till about 8AM. This equals crazy, sleep-deprived Ultimate fun. One big party, really.

I am told that the facilities are pretty chill with spongy artificial grass and constant music. I was digging around and found this Youtube video from 2009 of some of the action. One of the guys I play with on SC (Adam, I’m looking at you) is in the film.

To find out more about the tournament here is a Google groups document with details. I believe that the team portion of the tournament in currently full, but they may have a few spots open for the HAT. However, if you are in the area, I guess you can always stop by and check it out. You can also check out the Facebook page to learn more about the fun. And here is another link to the Pittsburgh Ultimate Community page, which is also publicizing the event.


The SC team is still outside running practices in our winter gear. It keeps getting colder and windier, two conditions, thankfully, we will not have to contend with inside the sports complex. To get ready, we’re working on some 5 person plays, but are balancing the sessions mainly between team cohesion, skill building and conditioning. It’s always about the basics for our team, which is great.

As for individual training, I plan on beginning a running regiment once the school I work at starts its Holiday break on the 17th. I’ll have my mornings free, so I am going to try to be proactive and get in some running or biking. I let you know how that turns out.

I look forward to seeing those of you that make it out to FNoF 2011.

And, as always, thanks for checking out the entry.