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I returned home and thought that I’d post about the End of Fall Hat Tournament that I played this weekend (11/20/2010). Right now I’m tired and sore, but really glad I got to play! Enjoy the Recap….

The End of Fall Hat 2010

Ready to Flick - Hat 2010

The Hatter marked the end of the Ultimate Leagues and Tournaments in New York‘s (ULTiNY) Fall League 2010. I didn’t participate in the League myself, but a few of my SuperCocks teammates did, and they invited me along to play on the final day of action. The league started back in September and ran till this past weekend, 20 November 2010 (if you want to continue playing through the winter, their Winter League is about to start and you can go to the ULTiNY website to sign up). I heard that the level of play was great, and that I should come along. So, not to miss out on one of the final nice days for outdoor Ultimate I joined in at the last minute.

When the three of us that car-pooled arrived at the fields on Randall’s Island, we saw a game in progress and a couple people milling about. The Hat was supposed to start at 10:30AM, and we were early, so we weren’t sure if the games had started yet. We made our way over to the people milling off to the side who were gearing up for Ultimate. We found out that the game/warm up that was going on was Hunter College, and that the Tournament Director was on his way.

Flow up the Line - Hat 2010

Hunter College showed up with a full group and wanted to use the Hat as a way to build their skills, so they comprised one team. The remaining players were divided up by gender and skill level, making three more teams of almost savage. The aim was to have everyone play three games in a round robin fashion.

After some hand shakes and introductions the first round kicked off. The weather was cold, but playing basically savage for a few points helped to keep most of us warm. A few additional players showed up about four or five points in, which gave each team 1 – 2 subs. I played with mostly SuperCocks teammates, but got to meet a few new people, including the TD, Cullen. I also got to play against some of the Hellgate players I had chatted with at Hell ‘Oween 2010 (here is your shout out this time, “Alice”) which was fun. It’s like I’m getting to know the Ultimate community in this area or something.

Everyone played well and the scores were really close for all of our games. There were a few contested calls here and there, but all around a lot of great spirit. I would definitely play with the group that does the fall Rec League again. Thanks Cullen for making this happen!

All of the photos shown were shot by J.R. Voce, check out her blog for more pictures of the great action. Or contact her, and she can send some of the shots she took. Enjoy!

Perfect lead Pass - Hat 2010

Quick Dump Pass - Hat 2010