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Greetings High Release Handler Readers!

I want to write to say a quick THANK YOU! to those of you that visited my blog since I started it, and especially those of you that stopped by over the last week. I got the highest traffic on 5 November 2010 mostly from those of you checking out my Recap: Helloween 2010 post. I’m going to continue to try to offer something that adds to the Ultimate / Disc Sports community, and I hope the entries I’ve published so far have something informative or interesting in them. Please, continue to leave messages, I really appreciate them.

In the near future, I plan to post another Book Review, Info about the upcoming First Night of Flight tournament in Pennsylvania, a look at the teams I’ve played with and Ultimate on Long Island. If you have any ideas about other posts, let me know.

A Library in the Making

A note about Book Reviews. I’m a Librarian off the field, so that is why I write them. Well, that isn’t the only reason…. But, hopefully, you like reading about the books I review, and maybe my quick blurbs will convince you to pick one of them up. I’m starting to collect as many books on the subject of Ultimate and Disc Sports that I can find, and with each one I’ll post a review. My goal is to have my own little Ultimate Book Library… or shelf. So far I own:

The Complete Book of Frisbee by Malafronte
Essential Ultimate by Baccarini and Booth
Frisbee by Johnson
Let’s Look at the Frisbee by Royston
Ultimate the Greatest Sport Ever Invented by Man by Leonardo

I plan to add these titles to my collection in the near future:

Fundamentals of Ultimate by Studarus
Spinning Flight by Lorenz
Ultimate Techniques and Tactics by Parinella
Ultimate the First Four Decades by Leonardo
Wham-O Super Book by Walsh

So, You’ll probably see all of these at one point reviewed on my blog. Do you know of any others?

THANKS again for reading,