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Super Cocks

Super Cocks - Pixar Theme!

If you didn’t read my countdown post, let me tell you a little about the tournament before I jump into the quick recap. The Hellgate team, hailing from Astoria, NY, puts on a yearly two day costume-encouraged tournament on the 30th-31st of October. Teams from Long Island, NYC, NJ and beyond come to huck disc, have fun and check out the creative costume choices. All the fun, including the Party, happens on Randall’s Island.

My Costume for Hell'Oween!

This is the second year that I’ve attended the tournament with the Super Cocks, a team comprised of mostly Long Island players. This year we chose Pixar Movies (photo on the right, though, we were missing a couple players in this shot) to be our theme. We had characters from Toy Story, the Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., Up and WallE represented.

To the left you’ll find a picture of my Syndrome costume. I kept it pretty simple, as you can see, and fairly inexpensive. I Bought a pack of white T-shirts (3 for $5) and a black long sleeve shirt ($6) both from Target; a pair of magician’s gloves ($5), a cape from CVS ($7), a mask from Michaels ($2) and hair spray paint ($3) from Party City. I cut the S out of one of the white shirts and then sewed it on to the long sleeve shirt. I used the remaining material, namely the sleeves of the white shirt, to make my gloves longer. On the day of the tournament I loaded my hair up with wax and sprayed it with the hair dye. All in all, I think it came out pretty well. Everyone worked really hard on their costumes and it really showed.

Below you’ll find some highlights from the games played by the Super Cocks and some photos shot by A Voce Behind the Lens; check out her blog for additional pics from the tournament. She loves having people check out her blog and leaving her comments. If you are in any of the pictures or want the original file I’m sure she would be happy to share.


Game 1 – Secret Agents (13) verses Super Cocks (9)

Agents everywhere

Our first game of the tournament was played against the “Secret Agents”. I’m not actually sure if that was their official name, but it is what we ended up referring to them as. Equipped with earpieces, aviators and business attire, they played a well disciplined game. The wind was up, so of course we got to face off against a zone defense. This was the start to a long day of fighting against a number of teams’ zone. We did fairly well against it, managing to score nine points. In the end, they pulled away and gave us our first defeat.

We were proud of our play, though, just about every point was scored by a different player. Wilderness Explorer “Russell” was the only one to score two consecutive points in this game. Yeah, Aly!

Point Statistics:
Aly – 2            Lee – 1
Danny – 1      Matt – 1
Phil – 1           Scott – 1
JP – 1              Carl – 1

Also we were trying a subbing system using position pools – handlers, cutters and deeps. Since we had a lot of players on our team with varying levels of skill and experience our captain wanted to make sure that we always had a balanced line on the field. This meant we never had an all out “starting line”, but it did mean everyone got a good amount of playing time.

The picture to the right shows “Dolly” (Toy Story 3) and the Captain (Wall-E) moving the disc around some of the agents.

Game 2 – Socialist Network (10) verses Super Cocks (7)

Red Army

Socialist Network Player makes a great leaping catch!

Our second game of the day was against the Socialist Network. The Red Army came out in force, sporting berets and/or military camo. Che would’ve been proud. We traded points back and forth. For one of the crucial points, Jen threaded the needle perfectly through a gaggle of players for a score. We rotated our players, using the pools, keeping fresh legs on the field at all times. There were quite a few long points, which started to wear on some of us.

In the end the hard cap was sounded and the Socialists came out on top. They sang a little from You’ve Got a Friend in Me and we countered with a quote from Finding Nemo, “ah you made me Ink”.

Point Statistics:
Phil – 2      Kenny – 1
Joey – 1     Juan – 1
Nate – 1     Carl – 1

In the picture to the left you can see one of the Socialist Network players making a textbook catch.

Game 3 – Alice of Hammerland (11) verses Super Cocks (4)

Mallymkun the Dormouse

Our third game of the day started out with a fair amount of silliness and fun. Our Axiom Passenger left his hover chair, but continued to play with his Big Gulp. But, as the points started accumulating against us we tried to turn up the intensity. It ended up being a little too late. There were some amazing catches and great throws; Jen has a great picture of Phil jumping backwards to make the grab, but it wasn’t enough to pump us up. Plus, the cold and injuries started sapping our numbers.

I felt bad about one play were I totally plowed into the Cheshire Cat. I don’t think I fully said sorry about that. So, Cheshire Cat… I’m sorry I practically dove into going after the disc. I saw a picture of it, it didn’t look fun on the receiving end. And speaking of injuries, I also have to give a quick shout out to the Caterpillar for jumping in when my calf seized up; and he pushed my foot back, which relieved the pain a lot; and to  Alice for her on field medical afterthoughts. We compared shoes, it was fun.

After the conclusion of the game and high fives were given out, the real competition began with a challenge of Wah. For those that do not know here are the rules:

The Wah Game:
1. Gather a good sized circle of players
2. One person starts by pointing to someone in the circle with “praying hands”
3. He or She then Wah’s upwards
4. The two on either sides of the person Wahing upwards then do sideways Wah’s as though they were horizontally slashing with swords; if they fail to react at the same time, then whoever was last to react is out, otherwise…
5.  The  person who Wah’d upwards  Wahs downward at someone else, who is the new Wah upwards person, and this goes on till the last two
6. The players who get knocked out sit in place, they don’t leave the circle, which makes it more difficult for those remaining

Alice of Hammerland had a great way to decide the final victor when it got down to the last two. He asked for a suggestions from those of us who got knocked out for a household appliance. Once he got one he liked, he had the two remaining players stand back to back. He explained that they would each take three paces and turn. When they turned he would yell out the name of the appliance and they would have to act it out. Who ever did the best impression won. Pure hilarity ensued.

Point Statistics:
Bing- 1           Adam – 1
Danny – 1     Cori – 1

In the picture to the right of the text you’ll see the Dormouse and Mr. Pricklepants. At first I thought the Dormouse was Reepicheep from Narnia, but then I remembered that in the Tim Burton version the Dormouse is a sword fighting adventurer, rather than a sleepy tea drinker.

Game 4 – Four Seasons (12) verses Super Cocks (10)

This team brought a lot of speed and intensity, which pumped us up, too. After the previous two games where we had some low scoring, we really turned up our play. People were making bids, even if they didn’t come up with it, the effort still pumped us up. The side lines were cheering, calling ups. It was probably our most intense game of the day.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons player looking up field.

At the end of the match we exchanged cheers, and then played an all team game of Bear Ninja Cowboy.

Point Statistics:
Bing – 1           Adam – 1
Danny – 2      Jen – 1
Kenny – 1      Juan – 1
Phil – 1           Cori – 1

In the picture to the right you can see our Axiom Spaceship Passenger (Wall-E) wearing fashionable red. He left his hover bed on the sideline along with his Big Gulp.


The party was staged under a tent near the main fields. Music played, beverages and food were available ranging from $5 (mozzarella sticks) to $9 (burger and fries). Most of the players showed up still dressed in their costumes, which allowed us to see some of the teams we didn’t play. Hellgate had some tables set up for Flip Cup and Beer Pong. You could also play regular Ping Pong, too. Most of our team headed home for the night, but about eight of us stayed around to mingle with the other teams and to get our photos taken by JC Lemon Photography. I’m looking forward to seeing how they came out!

The winner of the best costume was awarded to SUNY Purchase for their Pokémon theme. Being the magnanimous team that they are, they shared the candy they won with everyone in attendance, which pretty cool.

After the pools for the next day were announced, I headed out to eat some more food, shower, take some vitamin I and get some rest.


Game 1 – SUNY Purchase Subatomic Puppies (13) verses Super Cocks (9)

SUNY Purchase Puppies

SUNY Purchase player in blue makes a great reaching catch!

On Day 2 we lost a number of our players to other commitments, so we were down to around 13 players. This didn’t stop us from coming out fired up. We moved the disc around the field really well and were scoring points with a combination of give and go flow and some well placed long passes. The weather was great, not much wind and a good temperature. Everything was perfect….

This was the first game in the tournament where we took the half; however, this would prove to be a curse. Like the year before when we also took the half, the field had to be moved to make way for some LaX players. When the new field was set up it was about a third the size we were just playing on, which changed the game completely. Our ability to employ the long game and having lots of cutting room to move around was gone. Now a medium-sized pass was practically a full field huck, which turned out to be a huge equalizer.

We fought hard, but with a couple dropped passes the Puppies began to pull away. For the game point we put in all of our female players. The Puppies matched it, but an unforced error (by a guy mind you… we still love him though, grumble grumble) made it a bit of a let down. We were ready to see some great action on the field, but oh well, sometimes things happen.

Point Statistics:
Aly – 2       Danny – 3
Jen – 1       Juan – 2
Kenny – 1

After some fun cheers the Puppies invited us to play the Butt Slap Game. It was sort of like Wah, but with a touch of sexual harassment. Of course the Super Cocks loved it.

Game 2 – Fordham University(0) verses Super Cocks (13*)


Tossing on the Sidelines

Yeah, this was a forfeit to us…. Our captain jokingly said if anyone asks the game was a 13 / 0 victory.

This is just one of the downsides of being in the consolation bracket, sometimes teams just call it quits rather than play out the last of their games.

We ended up scrimmaging ourselves to stay warm for the next game we were promised, but it never came. There was some miscommunication between our captain and the TD, so we didn’t get a third game.

Once our food was dropped off and consumed, the Super Cocks called it a day and headed home.

Rock'n our Blues

Overall, the two days of Ultimate was a lot of fun. Everyone’s costumes were really clever, and the level of play was awesome. We didn’t come up with any wins, but we had a lot of close fought matches. I look forward to returning next Halloween.

A quick note about the points recorded above: There was some lapses in record keeping, so I might not have received the right info on who the scorer was. Also, I didn’t get any data on assists, something I really wish we had kept track of, too. Next time!

The next tournament I will be talking about on HighReleaseHandler will be the First Night of Flight (FNoF) 2011. Thanks for reading and look forward to future posts!

SUNY Purchase Subatomic Puppies